Tokai Medical Products


Tokai Medical Products (T.M.P.) is an R&D-oriented company active in the medical device field.

Since its founding, T.M.P.'s driving force has been to "Save As Many Lives As Possible," and its mission has been to reflect the opinions of research and development workers in the medical field from the patient's point of view. Our goal is to serve those who are suffering from illness and disease by dedicating all of our efforts to the development of high-tech medical devices.

Corporate philosophy

Core concept

Save as many lives as possible

Corporate philosophy (Quality policies)

[Raison d'etre] (Our mission in society)
T.M.P.'s mission is to contribute to improving patient quality of life by developing medical devices which burden the patient as little as possible.
[Management stance] (Management priorities)
Our top priority is quality and reliability (we place service first, and profits second; safety first, and efficiency second)
[Code of conduct] (Managerial and staff code of conduct and ethics)
To continue to pursue the challenge of new ideas while acting at the highest ethical level at all times.

Corporate vision

[International reputation, as in market and social standing]
  • To be a manufacturer that is highly trusted by medical institutions.
[Future course of business operations]
(What is our underlying business development approach?)
  • To achieve reasonable profits while ensuring stable company growth.
  • We make every effort to control costs, contribute to the dissemination of advanced medical treatments, and hone our technical capabilities to respond to cutting-edge medical needs.
[The organization and its employees]
  • Our goal is to function as an organization which can flexibly adapt to changing societal needs and changes in our corporate role.
  • We are creating an environment where employees can realize their full potential and achieve personal growth through their work.